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Sure, we all know about the importance of shirt, pant, and shoe choices. These are the fundamental components of any outfit and the first things to be noticed by others. But, while choosing the right shirt, pant, and shoes are essential in creating a successful outfit; you can only get so creative without appearing outlandish or strange. 

If you’re the type of guy who’s got a quirky or absurd side and like to express yourself in your clothing tastes, how are you supposed to do it? Especially if you work in an office or other professional setting where they have stricter dress codes.

The answer my friends are with accessories. Accessories allow you to add a little creative garnish to an otherwise straightforward outfit. Not only will accessories help quell your creative appetites, but in professional settings where everyone dresses alike, you can add a little zing to your outfit and stand out a bit. While no one wants to stand out too much or for the wrong reasons, garnering notice over a cool watch or tie will only help build working relationships and show you have some personality.

Let’s take a look at the suite of English Laundry accessories.

English Laundry Accessories


Here at English Laundry, socks are one of our best sellers, and for a good reason. We offer an awesome line of eclectic and colorful socks in a variety of different patterns from stripes to argyle to polka dots. 

Nothing says, “I work hard, but like to have fun on the weekends,” like a pair of unique and color-filled socks.

Wearing a suit every day can be suffocating. But with a pair of our socks you can reclaim your expressive side and show the world you’re different.


As is the case with socks, ties are a great way to add a little color and personality to any suit. While ties can also be a great way to show off your personality, you want to be careful. There’s a fine line between a cool tie and looking like a wacky liberal arts professor.

In our humble opinion, a solid-colored tie with a minimal pattern is best. You get to add color and brighten up your work digs, all while avoiding the pitfalls of being “the guy who wears crazy ties” in the office.

Cufflinks and Tie Bars

One of the most neglected accessories in contemporary men’s fashion are cufflinks and tie bars. You simply don’t see enough cool cufflinks or tie bars these days. As to why they had declined in popularity in year’s past is a question for historians, but what’s clear is both cufflinks and tie bars are coming back! 

We couldn’t be happier about the popular resurgence of these great accessories. That’s why we at English Laundry have added over 42 selections of different cufflinks and tie bars to our catalog.

From Lion’s Heads to pirate sea crests, we guarantee you’ll have a blast checking out our unique selection of cufflinks and tie bars. Plus, you’ll look like a total boss!


Watches have long been the definitive staple of men’s fashion accessories. As to why we as men love watches so much, who’s to say? But we certainly do.

At English Laundry, we offer 25 amazing watches. Our unique designs range the gamut from mesh straps to leather to chain-link. And the faces are equally diverse and intriguing.

Whether you like a watch with a busy face containing lot’s of information or a more minimalistic look, we have the watch for you!


Lastly, no spring or summer outfit is complete without a suave pair of sunglasses. A cool pair of shades will make any man about 25% more rock-star. And who doesn’t want that!

We offer 15 pairs of sunglasses in our catalog varying in color, design, and style. Whether you like aviators, tortoise frames, black or gold, we’ve got you covered.

Accessorize with English Laundry today and boost your outfit choices!

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