8 Different Ways to Style Your English Laundry Suit

Wearing a suit doesn’t always have to be a serious affair. Sure, if you’re gearing up for the morning meeting, you’re going to want to look your best—sharp, dignified and effortlessly styled. 

But your English Laundry suit doesn’t just have to be for the boardroom anymore. Just as quality denim has snuck into high-powered offices and nightclubs across the country, so to has the well-tailored suit begun to show its ultimate utility. You just have to learn how to style it right!

We’re going to show you some of the best ways to make your English Laundry suit work for your Monday morning, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

8. The Power Suit

The simplest way to wear your suit is to enjoy it “as prescribed.” That means putting on all the pieces and dressing it up with a smart tie and some well-oiled dress shoes. Believe it or not, there have been actual studies that prove wearing a full suit actually makes you think differently once you step into the boardroom.

That’s why it’s so important to know how to wear that suit correctly, from top to bottom.

7. The Tie Fighter

In some offices you can get away with not wearing a necktie so you should definitely take the opportunity to let your neck breathe every now and again. In the old days, taking off your tie was seen as “lazy” or “slovenly” but slowly, as increasing offices have laid back on dress code it’s becoming more the norm in some businesses for men to go tie-less.

Some even have linked ties to worsening their heart conditions, so take that for what it’s worth.

The best part, this look is also very appropriate for happy hour!

6. The Slacktavist

Once casual Friday comes around, you can finally lose the pants.

Not completely though, as most offices frown on employees showing up in just their briefs but go ahead and trade out those suit trousers for a pair of slacks, chinos or even a smart pair of jeans. Pair your casual pants with your suit jacket and dress shirt and you’re good to go!

You can even grab a pair of nice boots or sneakers to complete the look!

5. The Shirt Swap

Another great way to dress down is by swapping out your dress shirt out for a crisp t-shirt or polo. This look might be a bit too casual for the office but is perfect for a Saturday or Sunday out on the town. Just be sure not to spill your drink on it! 

4. The Watcher

Our customers always ask us, “What’s the most important accessory for a man to have?” It’s an absolutely fantastic question and one that we get all the time. Some people might kneejerk and say, “Neckties of course!” But ties, dear friends, are not accessories so much as necessities. 

That’s why we always recommend a great and timeless timepiece. Sure, in this age of ubiquitous cellphone use, we’re always within striking distance of the clocks on our phones, but nevertheless, a great watch remains a necessary accessory for any fashion forward male. 

3. The Square

There’s plenty of debate on the pocket square. For some, they come off as antiquated or just an accessory that you might have to endure if you’re one of the groomsmen. Despite what the critics say, the pocket square is far from dead.

In fact, it can be one of your most trusted trimmings. For instance, if you choose to go without a tie, a pocket square can instantly dress up your suit to be a bit more formal. Depending on your fold, especially if you’re in ultra-casual mode, the pocket square can wonderfully accentuate your look. 

2. The Bar Fly

One cannot overstate the importance of a television program like Mad Men on the world of men’s fashion and lifestyle. Never before had so many bar patrons bellied up at their favorite watering hole and ordered an Old Fashioned wearing their fedora just like Don Draper. 

While we can’t yet whole-heartedly endorse a fedora, we can certainly throw our support behind one men’s accessory worn by every male member of Sterling Cooper Draper Price Campbell, et al.—the tie bar.

Since the debut of Mad Men, sales of tie bars have increased an estimated 25% and there’s no secret why this is: tie bars provide that perfect little accent piece to a suit without sacrificing your professionalism. 

1. The Sock Hop

It can’t be overstated: men do not think about their socks nearly enough. More often than not, if you strip the shoes from him, a man will have ratty socks riddled with holes. Of course, it’s not always this severe, occasionally a man just wears the wrong socks or is stuck in a cycle of bland black or gray dress socks day in and day out.

One low-key way you can have fun and dress up your suit is by getting a few pairs of bold socks. We know it can be difficult to give up your drab black socks for something so colorful but we assure you that you’ll be getting all the right kinds of looks around the office and elsewhere!


There’s an abundance of ways you can wear your English Laundry suit—from the boardroom to the bar cart to the after party—and it’s all about finding your personal style. Whether you’re dressing it down or finding the perfect pair of bold socks to accent it, your suit is an extension of yourself, so have some fun with it!

Well hello there handsome!

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