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Spice Up Your Digs with English Laundry Accessories

Sure, we all know about the importance of shirt, pant, and shoe choices. These are the fundamental components of any outfit and the first things to be noticed by others. But, while choosing the right shirt, pant, and shoes are essential in creating a successful outfit; you can only get so creative without appearing outlandish or strange.  If you’re the type of guy who’s got a quirky or absurd side and like to express yourself in your clothing tastes, how are you supposed to do it? Especially if you work in an office or other professional setting where they have stricter dress codes. The answer my friends are with accessories. Accessories allow you to add a little creative garnish to...

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English Laundry: New Arrivals for Spring 2017!

Ah yes, spring is finally here! No more staying cooped up inside in sweatpants and hoodies, hiding from the frigid winds under a blanket. It’s time to brush the dust off your shelves and spruce up your closet. Bag up your old clothes and make a few Goodwill runs, because you’re going to need the space for an all-new spring wardrobe.  Luckily for you, English Laundry has just what you need. We have an amazing collection of new arrivals!  Whether you’re looking for a new blazer to impress your colleagues at work or a few button-down shirts and pants to stand out in a crowd, we have just what you need. All of our garments are embellished, embroidered, hand laundered,...

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English Laundry: Apparel for Men of Style

English Laundry is the place to shop for men’s apparel. That may sound biased, coming from us, but we have the facts to prove it.  Our story is a unique one. We began as an elaborate shirt line and have grown into one of America’s leading fashion lines. From cotton boxer briefs all the way to suit jackets, we’ve got you covered. But we don’t just do men’s apparel. Here at English Laundry, we also provide accessories, including top-notch watches, shoes, ties, and more! Our wide range of products makes English Laundry the perfect place to shop. We have a large range of styles, from Mod to Hippie Floral, that are sure match your personality. There is certainly something for...

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